Innovation Award Model-Based Engineering and Power & Energy category

The IET Innovation Awards were founded in 2005 and recognise and reward the best new innovations in engineering, science and technology.

These annual awards are open to all innovators, and industrial companies of all sizes, academic departments and enterprising individuals have won over the years. There are 15 categories, covering the breadth of the IET’s activities, and each category is independently peer-reviewed by a panel of experts in that field.

SR2000 floating tidal power generation

The SR2000 prototype has successfully demonstrated reliable tidal stream electricity generation over 365 days of continuous operation since its installation in 2017. The mono-hull floating design supports 2 x 1 MW power generating nacelles and is the largest and most successful floating tidal turbine in the world.

The SR2000 has exceeded expectations. It was installed in less than 30 minutes, it survived and even generated power during winter storms and the performance has correlated very closely with the design models.

Orbital Marine Power Ltd