IET and E&T Innovation of the Year and Start-up

The IET Innovation Awards were founded in 2005 and recognise and reward the best new innovations in engineering, science and technology.

These annual awards are open to all innovators, and industrial companies of all sizes, academic departments and enterprising individuals have won over the years. There are 15 categories, covering the breadth of the IET’s activities, and each category is independently peer-reviewed by a panel of experts in that field.

A wearable, AI-enabled neurotechnology platform

This wearable, AI-enabled neurotechnology platform translates brainwaves into control signals.

The technology creates a brain-computer interface (BCI) that translates changes in the brain associated with imagination of movement or perceiving a stimulus into commands that allow the user to specify actions or communicate without moving. The technology can be embedded in any standard headwear and enables interaction with technology without physical movement.

The AI-based software embedded in the technology has enabled a spinal injured person to compete in the first championship for athletes with disabilities: Cybathlon 2016; and has the potential to determine consciousness in patients who have prolonged disorder of consciousness following brain injury. The technology is currently being trialled in hospitals across the UK and Ireland.